All good

Jo back on the ward and somewhat with it! Thanks for all your kind thoughts and messages Andy x

Mixed emotions

Jo heads in for her 5th batch of surgery in just over 2 years this afternoon and I’m in that slightly tense phase where I keep asking Jo if she is ok (she is) and my attention span is really short ( but long enough to do mental tasks like the dishes which makes me feel like I’ve achieved something!). The tension (fear of how Jo’s recovery will be) is tempered by a few really wonderful things today:

  1. This should be Jo’s last surgery that is BRCA related and is relatively minor fix up and reconstruction type surgery – although Jo will be in for at least 2 nights
  2. There are no other surgeries on the horizon
  3. Jo submitted her amazing body of work that comprises her PhD yesterday – formal celebrating later but today Jo seems to be practically floating on air with that weight lifted from her shoulders
  4. I have a supportive work environment and team that allows me the flexibility to care for Jo when she needs it

#ovariancancerawareness month

I’m showing off my teal nail polish (and new foobs) in support of ovarian awareness month, which was in September. I’m a bit late! October is #breastcancerawareness month so next coat will be pink. Hope my pic doesn’t offend anyone. If so, sorry. I tried to make the photo as discrete as possible.

I wanted to tell you all how loved and nurtured me and my boys have felt over the past month. A gorgeous meal every night (Thanks Malcolm and Niquie for organising this). Gorgeous flowers, cards, calls, chocolate, gifts, birthday cake for Sol, medical advise, manicures and nail polish, candle lighting and prayers from Spain and all over the world, cups of tea, kid wrangling, coffee deliveries, fun run dedications, emails, sneaky drop offs on the porch, spring planting and weeding, smiles, hugs, shoulders to cry on and all your kind offers of support that we haven’t yet taken up. Thanks too, to my wonderful employer, Scope (I’ll be back soon), and my ever suffering PhD supervisors. And also to Andy’s amazing team at CSIRO. I also want to thank my cousins, siblings, nieces, nephews and parents, some of you who have this crazy mutation, others who don’t. I am truly of the view BRCA is a gift, drawing us all a little closer.

And thanks to a public health system that has so wonderfully taken care of me. As Australians we need to value, nurture and protect our unique system of health support. The nurses, doctors and allied health staff that are at its core are incredible. Special thanks to my beautiful endocrinologist, who made sure my insulin was managed beautifully. The surgeons, pain specialists, anaesthetists, oncologists, nurses, I can’t thank you all enough. We can’t take this system for granted, because it will slip through our fingers. We need to fight for its existence. It is one of the aspects of our country that makes me so very proud to call Australia home. Please Tony Abbott, don’t mess with it. Rather, why not value, appreciate and nurture it? It is one of the things that makes your country great.

I am grateful also to the scientists who have discovered the BRCA mutation. Professor Mary-Claire King in particular. I wonder how I got to be born in a time in scientific history where we have such powerful knowledge? This knowledge is not acquired by osmosis though. Science needs fuel, in the form of not only dedicated and bright people, but it needs monetary funding. Tony, again, please understand this.

Oh, and I can’t thank my Andy enough, for his incredible support and love. Not once has he complained. He must be exhausted. You are amazing Laz, and I love you so much.

I went to Peter Mac yesterday. All good. I don’t need chemo or radio, because all of my breast tissue and cancer was removed in the mastectomy. My lymph nodes were also clear. Yay. So all that needs to happen now is a new nipple, a bit of tattooing, and a hysterectomy. Then I’m all good to go. Yeah!

Wow, this was meant to be a quick post to show off my teal nails, thanks for getting to the bottom! It wasn’t meant to be an appreciation fest! Oh well you all got one, you lovely peeps!



2 weeks post

Still in bed.. Boys have brought me my brown bag of pain relief and a muesli bar. Blood sugars under control. Ready for another day of recovery. Thanks everyone for the wonderful meals. You are all amazing x